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It’s been a very busy time. Despite my vow to avoid cozies, I was drawn back into reading the remainder of the 40 books. Reading all the Dickens biographies that I found and several of his novels enlarged my point of view about writing and what is possible for a writer to achieve. Of course, his entire life was oriented around allowing him to write as much as he wanted. With ten children and a household to support, his writing talent was the focus of all. I wonder if he also had hypergraphia; after all, he wrote novels, short stories, edited weekly magazines, and collections of his letters run to 14 volumes. Still, he had discipline in addition to his gift and that is certainly a key to success.

In many ways, Dickens ran his career in the way that modern writers are encouraged to behave. He developed what he felt was a personal relationship with his readers and took care to keep his name before them constantly. This was one goal of his weekly magazines. His live readings of his works were a pleasure for him and prompted people to buy his older works.

As for my Cozy Mystery Project, I am nearer the point of writing than I knew. In my next posts I’ll share some of the insights and tools that have helped me move along.

I hope my readers are progressing toward their goals as writers — any news to report?

Here’s a post on hypergraphia — do you have it? Know of another historic personage who lived in a river of words??


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Welcome to my blog. There's always a revolution going on in my home -- between art, writing, thinking, and three boy cats, there's rarely a moment without something hopping. I have lived in three major cities and now am in a small wonderful rural town. The proud author of the world's longest first-draft cowboy novel, I am now plowing into the realm of the cozy mystery. Come along and see how my journey through the woods of inexperience turns out.
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