Now Going Wider than my Cz-Mys Goal

Thankfully, not many people have been on tenterhooks about this blog. Judging by readership numbers, I can discard my worries that aspiring mystery writers have come to this blogo-speck and clicked away with tears of disappointment filling their eyes. No one has been so outraged by my silence that they have written a cozy mystery in which a cozy-mystery-author aspirant blog-writer has been brutally murdered and no one wants to help solve the who-dun-it because everyone is glad it-was-dun.

The only constant reader I have is my cousin, and her take on the blog seems to be supportive hope, tempered by life experience, that someday she might read a Cz-Mys with my name as author. If you want to see a lively blog with lots of entries that are interesting, go to hers. Teri, I hope you will link to your blog in the comments below, so people will have a nice experience after reading this mess.

To summarize briefly: I have backed off the cozy mystery goal because I think I do not write fiction well enough to take on even a short, formula novel. I suppose the parallel idea is to sew a ball gown when one has barely hemmed a dress. Certainly, a lot is going to be learned along the way, but you’ll end up with a gown that is poorly done that it’s the effort to improve it is nearly that of sewing a new one. This, I believe, is the case with my cowboy novel, which isn’t really about cowboys anyway.

So, rather than duplicating that experience, I have backed off and begun looked at my fiction skills. I plunged into Dickens, not because I like him, but because I think he has something to teach me. I’ve begun some different efforts to understand his methods as well as two short stories of my own.

This blog is hereby opened up to include all my writing efforts. The goal of a cozy mystery series still hovers overall, but I hope the other ways in which I pursue improving my writing will make blog posts that are not only more frequent, but more interesting that prolonged periods of silence. That’s a reachable goal.


About thebooksonmyshelf

Welcome to my blog. There's always a revolution going on in my home -- between art, writing, thinking, and three boy cats, there's rarely a moment without something hopping. I have lived in three major cities and now am in a small wonderful rural town. The proud author of the world's longest first-draft cowboy novel, I am now plowing into the realm of the cozy mystery. Come along and see how my journey through the woods of inexperience turns out.
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2 Responses to Now Going Wider than my Cz-Mys Goal

  1. Teri says:

    Good idea. Why limit yourself to a genre? Maybe you should try to write a little something every day, I figure that eventually you will hit on something that will feel right to you.

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